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Clay County Resources


Report a road problem here. Remember, the county only has jurisdiction of non-letter, non- number roads in unincorporated Clay. If you’re in a city, call the city. If you’re on a state HWY, call MoDOT: 816-622-6500.

Clay County Tax resources

This takes you to the website created jointly by the County Assessor and County Collector. You can pay your taxes, find your receipts… all sorts of tax-related things. Got a question? They have a great FAQ section. Got a deeper question? 816-407-3500 or about your taxes and 816-407-3200 or about you bill. If you email the county about taxes, this is where I will send you. We’re not giving you the run-around—these are elected offices, and those are the rules. Plus, they’re great.


Click it to reserve a site online. Or call 816-407-3400. You can even live chat:


Deeds, Plats, Liens, Certificates, Licenses… if you are looking for a document and think the county may have it, ask! 816-407-3550 or


Click the link—each office has a phone line and any documents you may need online. If you are having landlord/tenant issues, I’ll usually direct you to the Office of Dispute Resolution Services at 816- 736-8403.

Change of Address

This is how you notify the county that you’ve moved here or that you’re moving away. I get this one all day, every day. You can also call the Assessor: 816-407-3500.

Senior Services

These guys are wonderful, and I mean wonderful. Look them up for you, look them up for your parents, look them up for your grandparents. All sorts of services and resources. If you have a problem, they really do their best to help. 816-455-4800.


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