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Hey Clay County! Recently there seemed to be some confusion on social media surrounding county taxes and tax levies. In today’s video, I discuss how levies are set with guidance from the State Auditor’s Office who sets maximum allowable rates. The County Commission however, voted to freeze rates at the existing lower levels.

How Commission Authorized Levies Affect Your Taxes

It should also be pointed out that these levies authorized by the Commission make up only 5-7% of your total tax bill. The rest of the amount you pay goes to schools, libraries, roads and bridge work, and other county services. If you live in a rural area, a portion of your tax bill goes to the local fire and police funds.

Some of your tax bill also goes towards the senior services fund. Visit to learn more about the services your taxes provide to senior citizens.

If you need more information about your tax bill, contact the appropriate party listed below.

County Collector: 816-407-3200

Property Assessments Offices: 816-407-3500

Other Questions: 816-407-3600

Watch the video above for more information. Click here if you cannot view the video at the top of this post.

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