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Hey Clay County! I am back with your September Commission Update. The commission had two meetings in September, so let’s dig in!

Commission Meeting Number One

The commission started this first meeting by recognizing National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

Falls Prevention Awareness Day was also recognized with the Senior Services Board. The Senior Services Board is an excellent resource in the county, and we appreciate everything that they do.

Tax Levies

The big event of this first meeting was the setting of tax levies. We have a video talking about these levies if you would like to find out more.

More From the First Meeting

  • A fund transfer was approved for the sheriff’s office to cover fuel supply through the end of the year.
  • A grant was approved for emergency management
  • Authorization for distribution of flood control lease payments to school districts was addressed at this meeting. The short explanation of this is that there are federally controlled lands that can flood into the taxing jurisdictions of the school districts causing them to miss out on revenue.
  • A grant was accepted for the Juvenile Department as well as a budget revision that reflects the acceptance for a previous grant.

Two Encumbrances

  1. The commission approved new technology for several smaller structures to bring them online.
  2. New LED lights were approved for the runway at the airport.

One Healthy Pup

There was also a fund transfer so that the commission could pay the vet bill for one of our canine units that had to have an emergency procedure. The patient is doing great and recovering nicely!

Commission Meeting Number Two

  • This meeting started with A LOT of subdividing (9 different items were addressed).
  • There was 6-month extension granted on a permit that allowed someone to live in a mobile home while they were doing construction on their permanent home.
  • An event license was approved for a boy scout event at Smithville Lake.

Two More Encumbrances

  1. The sheriff’s office received new Glocks and rifles
  2. An annual agreement was approved so that sheriffs and park rangers can receive surplus military equipment.

One Last Thing…

The historic sites got a grant for website updates and the county appointed a LAGERS (Local Government Employees Retirement System) representative.

That is it for your September Commission Update. Remember to check back for more insider info and updates!

If you cannot view the video above, click here.

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