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Hey Clay County! Our roads are getting a facelift, and we have been receiving a lot of questions regarding this project. The first thing I would like to address is the chip and seal process that is being utilized to re-do our beloved county roads.

What’s the Deal with Chip and Seal

Chip and seal is a process in which a roadway is reclaimed, oiled, spray sealed, and covered with a layer of finely chipped gravel that is pressed into place. We chose to use this method because it was the most cost-effective option, the cost ratio of asphalt to chip and seal is about 3:1. Here are a few other benefits of the chip and seal process:

Why Chip and Seal?

  • It keeps water from damaging the road’s structure.
  • Chip and seal provides an anti-glare surface during wet weather and improved visibility for drivers at night.
  • The roadway is highly skid-resistant.

How Long Will This Project Last?

We realize that gravel can be annoying, but if you want chip and seal to stick, the old surface needs to be gravel. The gravel works best if cars drive over it for about 6-8 weeks. The ground is then oiled, and the oil then sits for a couple of days. Finally, the last layer of oil and chips are distributed and pressed into the road. The main factors affecting the scope of this project are the availability of equipment and weather conditions.

Why Isn’t My Road Being Fixed?

If you have a small problem that can be handled quickly, like a pothole or a fallen tree you can call 816-407-3300 or email to have that issue taken care of. That being said, if your entire road needed to be repaved, there is a chance that some where else took priority this time.

If you have any questions for me, comment below!

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