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Hey Clay County! I am back with another Commission Update video. There were two commission meetings in October and a lot to cover this month. Let’s get started!

First October Commission Meeting: 10/15/2018

Approved: Three Grants to the Sheriff’s Office from MODOT

  • Annual apportionment of fines and escrow to go to schools in Clay County
  • Encumbrance for a boiler and flue pipes to go into the Clay County Detention Center.
  • A memorandum of understanding between the park rangers and the Regional Justice Information Service which will provide the data to go along with the new license plate readers that were approved in a previous meeting was also approved.

Certificates of Participation for Improvement Projects

Certificates of participation were approved for sale by the commission. These certificates of participation allow the county to finance a lot of much-needed improvement projects without raising taxes. The bond payment is made every year from a fund that was previously used for improvement projects. Check in with us for website and social media updates regarding these bonds and improvement projects.

And last, but certainly not least, a service agreement was approved for the fuel terminal that was previously purchased for the airport.

Second October Commission Meeting: 10/29/2018

The Materials and Technology Innovation Task Force

An agreement with the EDC was approved for the Materials and Technology Innovation Task Force. This was discussed in our June Commission Update video. This group would boost economic development by offering opportunities for businesses to relocate to Clay County.

LGERS Report Resolution

A resolution put the LAGERS report on the permanent record of the county so that the commission could review it. See my September Commission Update video for more information.

More Updates

  • A fund transfer regarding health insurance was approved.
  • An ordinance modification was put in place allowing the treasurer to give cash as necessary to departments in order to cover payroll depending on the revenue schedule.
  • A form was approved so that a staff member could access state sales tax records which were previously confidential.
  • A new dishwasher for the Detention Center was approved.

Two Ordinances

  • The first addressed that the budget for this year reflected a reduction in staff for an elected office
  • The second increased the budget for that office in order to make up some of the difference. I believe that another fund transfer is coming up so that salaries will not be affected.

That’s it for October. I will be back will your November commission update very soon! Remember to check back in for more Clay County news!

If you cannot view the video above, click here.

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