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November Commission Update (Videos In Post)

Hey Clay County. I am back with another commission update for you. First and foremost we want to congratulate our two new appointments to the Tourism Advisory Board and our reappointments to the Tourism Advisory Board, Children Services Fund Board, and Mental Health Board. There were two November meetings, two separate videos and a lot to cover, so let’s jump right in.

November Commission Update Meeting 11/05/2018

Appointments to the Tourism Advisory Board


  • Richard Groves
  • Holly Girly
  • Carolyn Rash

New Appointments:

  • Claire Rodgers
  • Lindsay Baxter

Other Approvals

  • An event license was approved for the Hometown Holidays Event at Liberty Square.
  • A fund transfer in the clerk’s office was approved in order to meet payroll needs. An ordinance was put in place for sending the one from last time because the numbers have changed.

November Commission Update Meeting 11/19/2018

Training Facade for the Explosive Breaching Program

Sheriffs office gave a presentation about building a training facade for their explosive breaching program. This would be at a place where they already run training operations and test different explosives and collect data so that they can keep us safe and become better at what they do. This received full support from the commission for this structure.

Planning and Zoning

The planning and zoning manager updated the commission about a potential RV related co-change. There is going to be a vote by the planning and zoning commission, and then this will come back to the commission. This essentially has to do with using an RV as a temporary dwelling unit while your new home is being constructed.

Regular Agenda

  • New computers for the circuit clerk
  • A vendor approval for water quality monitoring classes.
  • The memorandum of understanding that I mentioned in August for the park rangers and highway patrol to access information for license plate readers was approved.
  • The commission approved a lease agreement for a new chip spreader for the highway department. Click here to learn more about the chip and seal process.
  • 5-year fee schedules were also approved by the commission.


3 Reappointments to the Children Services Fund Board

  • Deb Hermann
  • John McGovern
  • Bruce Culley

5 Reappointments to the Mental Health Board

  • Carolyn Morris
  • Beverly Sue Ryan
  • Ronald Thiewes
  • Sharon Callahan
  • John Owen

That’s it for your November Commission Update. I will be back soon to give you a meeting update for December.

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