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Hey Clay County! I wanted to cover a few things that were not in the first June Commission Update video. Let’s get into it!

June Commission Update: Part Deux

The parks and rec director came to speak with the commission about a new dog park; this received support from the commission. We will be sure to keep you and your pups updated on the dog park developments.

The County Commission is also in support of establishing a materials science and technology task force. This group would explore the opportunities for businesses to relocate to Clay County to boost economic development and put the county’s resources to good use.

Land Updates

Remember when we discussed the Prairie Fields Subdivision? The Prairie Fields Subdivision was approved with a few concessions regarding density and number of lots.

In addition to the Prarie Fields Subdivision, another 40-acre lot subdivision was also approved.

A tweak to the land development code was also approved. Non-profits can now replace non-conforming signs. A sign is non-conforming if it existed before a code was put into place and the old sign does not comply with the new code.

The Sheriff’s Department: Two Things

  1. An outside employment agreement with the village of Birmingham was brought to the commission.
  2. The North Kansas City School District requested to get three more resource officers for the upcoming school year.

Event Licenses and Fund Transfers

  • The first fund transfer was regarding bank fees at Park from an increased amount of credit card transactions.
  • The second fund transfer was for the Highway Department to lease a chip spreader for the chip and seal road improvements.
  • The commission approved a payment to the KC Flight Formation Team for their flyover at the Smithville Lake Family Fun Day event.

Keep checking back for more commission updates and possible cameos from my cat.

If you cannot view the video at the top of this post, click here.

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