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Hey Clay County, remember when I promised to keep you in the know? Well, I am back with another commission update for you! Let’s get to it.

Trail Connectivity

The commission designated a staff to move budgeted funds around so that the county could move forward with an engineering update for the trail systems. I will keep you informed on this project’s progression.

North Kansas City Resource Officers

North Kansas City uses the county sheriff’s department for their school resource officers. They needed three more SRO officers, so an ordinance was put into place to help fund that exchange.

A Grant for The Clay County Tourism Department

The county’s Tourism Department received a grant from the state this month. The Division of Tourism will match up to $130,000 in marketing funds. This allows the county to turn around and give a similar offer to the communities within Clay County.

Stanley the Bulldog Makes a Commission Meeting Appearance

Stanley the Bulldog came to one of our July meetings. Stanley teaches us that we should accept each other’s differences instead of being judgemental of one another. His ultimate goal is to take his message to the White House. We 100 percent stand by Stanley and his mission here in Clay County! Watch the video for some awesome pictures of Stanley and I.

Chouteau and Native American Fountain Projects

A presentation about the François Chouteau and Native American fountain project was brought to the commission this month. This project would include the construction of a plaza area with fountains and staues in Clay County. I will have more information on this for you later.

Planning and Zoning

  • The commission accepted road improvement fees for a subdivision.
  • New buildings will be put into a storage facility near Excelsior Springs.

Four Encumbrances for the Sheriff’s Department

To ensure the safety of Clay County residents and officers, the Sheriff’s Department received approval to purchase:

  • New body cameras for officers.
  • New radios for officers
  • Updated radar systems for the sheriff’s office and department vehicles.
  • Updated radios for the sheriff’s office and department vehicles.

Parks and Recreation Ordinance Update

Get your paddles ready Clay County! Non-motorized boats such as canoes, kayaks, and rafts will now be allowed in Sailboat Cove.

Other Updates

  • A form needed approval so that a new finance employee would be able to access the Department of Revenue’s database.
  • A new fuel system for the air center was approved by the commission.
  • The commission also approved contributions to the Law Enforcement Memorial Garden Project for 2019 and 2020.
    For more information on this project, visit
  • The commission approved emergency maintenance purchases for the Paradise Point Golf Course. The maintenance needed to be performed because of the recent drought conditions.
  • A cost allocation was approved for the county attorney’s office for child support along with three capital encumbrance projects from judicial services including new printers, a new power distribution unit, and new computer software.

Come back for your August Commission Update! If you missed our June Commission Update videos, click here for part one and here for part two.

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