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Hey Clay County! Did you miss me? I am back with another commission update video, this time for April.

Agenda for this Video:

  • Computer server upgrades were approved for The Circuit Clerk.
  • Tri-County Mental Health’s Mud Volleyball Tournament (Mud Mania) received licensing approval. You will definitely be seeing this on our events calendar in the future!
  • HDLI (Historic Downtown Liberty Inc) Farmer’s Market also received licensing approval! Produce! Produce for everyone!
  • Account set up for Children Services Fund was put in place.

Three, count em! Three Courtesy Resolutions happened this month.

  1. The first was in honor of Mayor Bill Dane of Kearney Missouri and his many accomplishments. Click here to view this Courtesy Resolution.
  2. Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of William Jewell’s baseball championship. Click here to view this Courtesy Resolution.
  3. And lastly, we wanted to recognize a very special Eagle Scout named Derek McFerrin. Click here to view this Courtesy Resolution.

More Updates:

  • Two new subdivisions were approved with their own slew of resolutions. Watch the video for more info on this..also watch the video to see me try and juggle tomatoes.
  • Two positions need to be filled on the Public Health Center Board of Trustees. This has moved to the next meeting so that The County Commision can thoroughly review the applications.
  • New vehicle for planning and zoning
  • The event license for AMTGARD at Kelsey Short was approved. This is going to be a really fun live action role play event. Hop over to our April Events post for more details on this!
  • There was also an agreement made with MCC Maple Woods to host our Shred-it event on April 28th. Now, there are a few things we want you to know if you plan on shredding some of your old documents so please take a look at this previous post regarding the event.

Shred-it attendees, let’s do a quick mantra: I will only bring two boxes and show up early before the trucks get full and leave, I will only bring two boxes and show up early before the trucks get full and leave. Okay, breathe.

Wow! April was a busy month. Make sure you go check out our events page to see what cool events are happening the rest of the month.

If you cannot view the video above click here.


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