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Hey Clay County! It is once again time for your commission update; this one is for the month of May!

Let’s start with something to wake you up a little bit. KC Destinations is bringing to you the KC Coffee Trip. KC Coffee Trip was designed to feature our community’s best coffee shops. I hate to brag, but five of these establishments are right here in Clay County. That is all I am going to tell you. Check out this blog post to find out more details about the KC Coffee Trip, and how you can be a part of the fun!

Commission Update May 7, 2018

The month of May has officially been declared Older Americans Month. Click here and here to view previous courtesy resolutions. I will continue to keep you updated on future proclamations and courtesy resolutions because I want you to be in the know when it comes to all things Clay County.

The appointments for the Public Health Center Board of Trustees discussed in the April commission update post, have yet to be decided. This decision has been moved to the next meeting.

Encumbrance Requests for Capital Projects

A flatbed scanner has been approved for the circuit clerk.

Two different anti-scale systems for the detention center. Even after doing a Google search I am still not sure what these are. I did find out that they are, in fact, involved in water treatment, but if you can explain a little more in depth what an anti-scale system is, please leave a comment below.

More May Commission Update Info

MODOT increased a grant for the sheriff’s department which was happily accepted by The Commission.

Surplus item list was approved to go to auction by the commission. The only amendment to this was for the polo shirts to be removed from the list and repurposed by the county.

The New Playground at Smithville Lake

I want to thank Jackson for helping me show off the new playground at Smithville Lake located at Loop C in Camp Branch. Smithville Lake always has some sort of project in the works. Check out this neat F.I.S.H day project that helped improve fishing habitats in the lake.

The Last Round of Commission Update Info

Do you see what I did there? I sandwiched the fun stuff in the middle. I have a few more commission update items to discuss, and then I will let you go about your day…or you can keep reading this blog and watching my videos. That decision is entirely up to you.

Two donations are going to the Jesse James Farm. If you haven’t checked this place out yet, I highly suggest you go visit! I am going to make this super easy and even give you this link in Google Maps, so you have no excuse not to go.

Four new events were approved. Now if you want to find out about these events, you are going to have to head over to the Hey Clay County events page and start marking those calendars.

Smaller communities and businesses can advertise through Clay County and benefit from the dollar to dollar match that we get through our tourism department with the state. North Kansas City utilized this for Snake Saturday advertising. The accounting for that was approved.

Alright, this was your commission update for May. Did you enjoy our time together? I know I did!

If you cannot view the video at the top of the post click here.

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