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Hey Clay County! Spring may be coming to a close, but these updates aren’t coming to an end anytime soon! June was a busy month here so let’s get into it!

Commission Update June 2018

Meeting: May 21, 2018

A Law Enforcement Memorial Garden Project from KCMO Counsel Woman Hall was presented to the County Commission. Commission members showed full support for this project coming to Clay County. Learn more about this project.


Remember when I discussed zoning with Kipp Jones in the February Commission Update Video? Yes? No? Here are some recent zoning updates from this May 21 meeting.

Two orders were approved by the Commission:

  • The first was for a family split parcel
  • The second was a resolution that two neighbors in Clay County would split their property line fairly so they both benefit. Yay teamwork!

The other zoning item on the agenda was regarding an application for new residential zone North of Liberty. This item has been postponed to a future meeting

New Public Health Board Appointments

I would like to welcome Kelly Boley and Andrew Battles to the Public Health Board of Trustees. Congratulations!

Capital Project Encumbrances

Two capital project encumbrances were approved.

  • An expansion of security systems
  • A remodeling project for planning and zoning offices

Cont. Commission Update(s)

Meeting: June 4, 2018

Five Items Passed Authorization for a Finance Agreement

  1. Passed Authorization for a Finance Agreement
  2. A budget for the Children Services Fund Board
  3. Amendment to the budget for developmental disabilities resources board
  4. Rezoning order for Reardon Farms
  5. Two budget increases to the juvenile office stemming from an increase in grant money made available to the county

An event license was approved for Wake the World KC. Wake the World is a non-profit organization that provides watersports opportunities to disadvantaged youth. Head over to our June and July events post to learn more about when, where and how to get involved.

Airport Advisory Board Appointment

We are proud to welcome John Miller to the Airport Advisory Board. Woohoo, John!

Searcy Creek TIF Plan Update

The Searcy Creek TIF plan was originally finished and terminated in 2015. Surplus funds from the plan will be used for continued public improvement projects.

That’s it! Do you feel more in the know? I will keep the updates coming!

Don’t forget to check out my KC Destinations Coffee Trip adventures around Clay County!

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