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Hey Clay County, there were two commission meetings for the month of August. Let’s take a look at what was covered in these meetings.

First Commission Meeting

Chouteau Heritage Fountain Project

You may remember us talking about the Chouteau Heritage Fountain Project in July. This month the commission donated to the City of Fountains Foundation for the construction of two statues in the plaza area. The project will take place the on the west side of Chouteau Parkway, south of Interstate 35 and north of Parvin Road.

The founders, in association with the City of Fountains Foundation, have been seeking funds to construct the fountain which includes two larger-than-life sculptures.

The Juvenile Office and Detention Center Approvals

  • The Juvenile Office received a grant to fund their diversion program.
  • Annual software maintenance fee that the treasure office needs to pay that was approved by the commission.
  • A service agreement was also approved that prioritizes Clay County for on-site computer maintenance system at the detention center.

Decision Making Public Servants and Public Disclosure Forms

The commission also needed to establish decision making public servants, and this goes to the Missouri Ethics Commission. This basically says who in Clay County needs to sign a public disclosure form. This includes:

  • Elected Officials
  • The Chief Budget Officer
  • Purchasing Agent
  • A Full-Time Counsel

Other First Meeting Approvals

  • An Event License was also approved for the Liberty Fall Festival.
  • A new truck for the planning and zoning department was approved.
  • A funds transfer was approved for the airport so that they can get new fuel for retail sales.

Second Commission Meeting

Forensic Services

One of the presentations brought to the commission was from a new company that will be taking over the forensic services for the county.

Trail Connectivity

The other presentation was for trail connectivity by the Economic Development Council (EDC). This is important because connectivity between communities is a crucial factor when building a premier place to live.

A letter of support was submitted to the commission which is important to finding funding opportunities to have a cohesive account for multi-agency support for the trail connectivity project and agreeing to the plan for the networks of trail connectivity. This ensures that a company cannot come in and build over county trails.

Planning and Zoning

Certificates of Participation for Improvement Projects

The commission approved a resolution of intent to offer certificates of participation for sale. This is a lease financing method that would go towards multiple improvement projects around the county. The vote was to authorize the preparation of financing documents which would later be voted on by the commission with more details about projects and funding. This is an important step towards achieving approval for improvement projects around Clay County.

Other Commission Approvals

  • Several subdivisions were approved by the commission.
  • Sheriffs office budget was expanding to make room for an incoming grant that funding will go towards the drug task force.
  • Facilities needed to transfer funds for facilities to compensate for increased water bills because of the drought conditions.
  • There was also a project request for upgraded exterior lighting that was approved.

Park Rangers Recieve Two Grants

Park rangers got two separate grants from the Missouri Police Chief’s Association.

  • One was for rapid ID devices (fingerprint scanners).
  • The other was for license plate readers.

That’s it for the month of August. Come back for more Clay County news and updates.

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